Saturday, December 22, 2012

His & Her Q&A

 His&Her Q&A

Our first time doing this! Here goes nothing!
(I felt totally bad when he sent me his answers and they were all so incredibly/heartfelt/awesome/touching/yeah)

Describe how your other half dresses.
His:  My other half, or as I like to say my better half, Kylee; dresses with a colorful, laid back, fun style that brings a smile to my face. She gets creative with her outfits including  long crazy socks with a cute dress and different scarves. She wears her pink Toms with pride. Always looking beautiful and fun for every occasion whether its school, or church, or even just a day inside when it’s cold out. Kylee has great style unlike any other girl. To me at least.

Her: Classy, yet awesome at the same time. He always wears dress shirts, sweaters, and such, but there's usually an awesome t-shirt underneath. Perhaps Superman-esque would be a better word?

What is one quality your other half has that you hope your children inherit?
His:   I hope our children take her smarts for one cause Kylee is one smart woman! Also, I hope they take her kindness towards others. I hope they inherit her creativeness and quick wittedness. I hope they take after Kylee’s sense of humor and love for conversing with family and friends. And I hope they inherit her appreciation and joy for the Heavenly Father, Christ, and Scripture.
Her: His ability to love everyone and see the best in them.

What are some amazing talents your other half has?
His: Kylee has many talents that always leave me impressed. Kylee can write. And I mean write. Her words have such voice and character its pretty amazing that talent she has. She can create other worlds and people in her stories that she loves to write. Kylee can also drum pretty hard, I admire her for that because drumming is pretty difficult I was terrible at it when she first tried to teach me. So many things to worry about at once! Kylee also has a talent communicating well with others. To me that is a pretty great talent, many don’t do that well. She does it incredibly. Kylee has many talents that leave me loving her more.
Her: His faith, optimism, patience, Madden skills, knowledge of cars and LOTR.

What team/school are you an anti-fan of/is your biggest rival?
His: The Green Bay Packers. I respect Aaron Rodgers and his talent at playing quarterback, but as a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, I THROUGHLY AND PASSIONATELY DISLIKE THE GREEN BAY PACKERS. Clay Matthews grinds me freaking gears.
Her: Byu. I spent my very first months of life living in UofU student housing.

Who was your very first crush?
His:  Oh man, I’m sure it was probably in like second grade or third grade or something, I don’t even remember.
Her: Alec Lowry. He lived down the street and we got married. Then he moved to Alaska when I was 7.

What gets you inspired?
His: When I see the goodness in people. Random acts of kindness inspire me. Hope inspires me.
Her: Reading/hearing about other's lives and seeing they went through similar situations as I am. 

What's a TV show that has ended that you wish would come back?
His:   Well, The Office is about to end this season. I wish Steve Carrell was still on and it did not have to end.
Her: That's So Raven. Oh SNAP!

What is one of the first conversations you remember having together?
His: One of the first conversations I remember having with Kylee is when she chatted me up on Facebook asking me about math homework and asking me if I had crazy socks for Rock Sock Friday. This was junior year of high school.

Her: He asked me if I wanted to be his wizard partner on our weird partner sheets. Since I'd never seen him before that day, and he was asking if I wanted to be his wizard partner, I obviously concluded he thought I was sexy.

What is a hobby you would like to get into at some point?
His: Working out. Lifting weights definitely, my arms are getting pretty sad. But school gets in the way. As does Skyrim, Madden, Fifa, and NBA 2k! And of course food. Who has time to lift?
Her: I want to know how to fix cars.

About when did you know you were in love with your other half?
His: Valentine’s Day 2011. At the end of the day, when Kylee drove off and had to go home after an amazing Valentine’s Day, I went inside my house after saying goodbye and sat on my couch and reflected on what her and I shared. I was in love with Kylee. I felt such happiness and joy and giddiness inside myself at the end of that day. I knew I loved her. Was in love with her. I knew she was different. There was something very special about her. I was right. And now, it is about to be our two year anniversary. Valentine’s Day 2011 was the day I knew I was in love.
Her: We usually went on a date every weekend. There was one weekend where he was grounded or something, and then there was no school the following Monday. It was only three days but I missed him TERRIBLY! When I saw him that Tuesday, I knew I loved him and didn't let him go all day long. And that's when I finally started holding his hand and not slipping it out because, I loved him. I never wanted to spend another three days away from him. 

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