Friday, December 21, 2012


Sammy loves him some philosophy. So much so that it's in the title of the blog. But not enough to make it his major. He really, really, really loves it though. Naturally he talks about it with me which I love. I love seeing his passion. I try my best to listen and to understand. Honestly, most of it goes over my head though.

He's tried to convince me to take a philosophy class but I'm very hesitant to do so. Not just because it makes my head hurt like crazy and I'm easily convinced of things so I take the first stance, then hear the other one, and they all make sense so how am I supposed to pick ahh! Nope, there's a kid in my honers program. He's a philosophy major. He drives me insane. I am perfectly aware that all people are different and the fact that philosophy is his major doesn't mean that all people who like philosophy or take a philosophy class will be like him, but it's still one of my reasons.

Example: We all had to write a research paper about a self actualizing utopia for our final. One day, half of our three hour class was to be spent giving two minute presentations on what our papers were going to be about. Forty kids x two minutes each = eighty minutes. There would still be plenty of time for other things afterwards. I was excited to present and ready to go. One problem though, our professor announced that we would be doing presentations in alphabetical order. My last name was very last in the class. I really, really hate alphabetical order.

The presentations went on. They were pretty good. We were through the d's when I glanced at the clock. An hour had already passed. I started getting nervous, but told myself hey, there probably isn't a ton of people in the middle of the alphabet, we'll be to the end soon enough. It'd been an hour and a half by the time we got to philosophy major, with a last name beginning with L. His presentation was five minutes. His utopia was so crazy, everyone had their hands up to argue with him. And boy, can he argue. Or should I say debate? He went all philosophical on every comment.

Once he was forced to sit down, he decided he needed to point out the philosophical problems of everyone else's Utopia's when they presented and get in debates with them. They were interesting conversations and all, but hey. THE REST OF US NEED TO PRESENT. And there's now only twenty minutes of class and fifteen people left to go. Those were some of the tensest minutes of my life, ever. I hate doing presentations and I was actually ready for this one. I wanted to show the professors what I could do. But Mr. Philosophy over there was killing me with his so whats?

Mr. Philosophy major has turned me off to the subject, quite a bit. Which I feel bad about since it's so important to Sammy. I thank the heavens every day that he isn't as obnoxious as the kid in my class. Maybe in a couple years I'll take a chance and take a philosophy class. Who knows? I'll still listen to all the stories and support him in his love. As long as he doesn't ask philosophical questions while I'm trying to vent. Venting is sacred.

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