Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kissing pictures?

I have never once posted a kissing picture on the internet. Ever. Well, lip to lip action that is. I've just never felt comfortable doing it. My parents can see that. My grandparents can see that. And everyone I know can see that. That doesn't stop everyone else from doing so though, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's just a few things I can't get over.

1. What if people think I kiss weird? Ok, this is the main reason I don't post pictures. I myself think I am a great kisser. And so is Sammy. I am perfectly content with our kissing. But what if for some reason, I post a kissing picture and I'm doing it "wrong." I know I myself will laugh if I'm looking at friends kissing pictures and they look weird. All I can think of is watching Romeo and Juliet back in 9th grade and my teacher pointing out how awful a kisser DiCaprio was. I know I look to see if people are silly, so I don't want other's to do that to me.

2. What if my boss sees it?
I have become aware that my boss has a facebook, and if she wanted to spend all the time to find me, she could look at them. And that would just be awkward.

3. I've never seen my parents kiss. It's true. When I saw a picture of them kissing on their wedding day, I felt all awkward inside because I'd never seen such a thing before. I'm aware that they kiss though, otherwise how could I possibly be here, I've just never seen it in person. So why post pictures of me doing an act they don't feel comfortable doing in front of me right on their computers.

Although, that doesn't stop me from kissing in front of them. But that's not ever lasting like a picture.

4. It's plain awkward to take kissing pictures. How do you take the pictures anyways? Have a friend stand there clicking while you get it on? Awkwardly hold your arm out as far as you can and hope it doesn't look weird? Maybe a timer perhaps? I just can't think of a normal way to get it done.

But with those four reasons, I'm about to break my rules.

Awful lighting, I'm looking at the camera, barely even kissing. Great picture huh?

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