Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Strive for Five

Kisses from the Mrs.
I got the button to work this week! Yay! 
It's the second check in for Strive for Five. I have a confession to make. I completely forgot what my resolutions were, and had to go back and find them. So, I haven't been doing very hot in this department. But here we go!
1. Work on anxiety- This one, I've actually done alright with! I can't think of many major instances where I had a lot of anxiety. I've just been taking it calm, not sweating the dumb stuff, and reminding myself this is all in my head (thanks for the tip Lauren:) Now, it's PMS week, the point where my anxiety is the worst, so I just need to remember these tips for the week.
2. Exercise- Ha. This lasted for a few days. I hit the gym a few times. I tried doing some leg raises behind the counter at work yesterday though, does that count?
3. Eat real food- I'm typing this while eating fruit snacks. Hey, there's like fruit juice in them right? I've done a little better with this aspect, but sadly, not as well as I would have hoped. 
4. Spiritual life- I was called to be a primary teacher, so I think that will help. And I went to a fireside this week as well, something I don't usually do. But otherwise, slacking.
5. Get published- What is writing again? I wrote this last night, and that perfectly describes how I'm doing in that respect. However, I haven't had writers block when it comes to my two blogs, so that is good.
So overall, not doing so hot. But you know what? Today is a new day! And tomorrow is a new day. I was able to revisit what my goals were and be reminded of them and the little progress I've made. Progress is progress in my book, and I'll take it. See ya in two weeks! 

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  1. Haha bravo on getting the button to work! And hey, we all deal with setbacks. You're right, today is a new day. And every day after that is a new day.

    AND fruit snacks totally have fruit juice in them ;]