Monday, January 14, 2013

writers block, I dislike you

I'm having a huge dose of writers block at the moment and it's very frustrating. I've had a month long break with NO homework, and not a lot to do. Perfect time to finish the novel I've been working on right? Right. But sadly, I have gotten zilch done and I go back to school in a week. I'm very frustrated with myself.

I was talking with my best friend from middle school and beyond, and told her my dilemma. She's a writer too, so we help each other out when we're stuck. So, I told her my dilemma, how I know what I want to happen but just can't seem to write it down. And she suggested I go to another project and work on that. That usually works for me! But, I glanced over all my other files and was like, I hate all these too. These suck. Why on earth do I think I can be a writer kept going through my head.

I feel like a chicken strip in the shape of a sea horse, if that makes any sense. 

Frustrated doesn't even cover it at the moment. It makes me so upset I want to cry a bit, but that wouldn't help anything except maybe help me come up with a new way to describe crying if I ever decide I want to write again. Ugh.

But I'll be ok. The world is still spinning. There is still food in the house. There's still four ninja turtles. Eventually this block will fade and I'll want to write again. Of course, that won't happen until I'm swamped with work and school. Oh, irony, you suck sometimes.

Does this ever happen to people in other fields? Do you ever get so stuck on the things you love, you dislike them?

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