Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Little Things

I'm in love with the little things. With Sammy, less is always more. We didn't go all out for our anniversary date. It was just a nice, simple day. I just love the simple things. Not having any pressure. Being able to enjoy every moment. Tonight, we were able to watch a talk by President Uchdorf, Sammy's favorite speaker. Even though we can't go to church together at the moment, doesn't mean we don't try. Every Sunday I share with him what I learned and he'll tell me about a talk or something that he read and we'll discuss. I love it a lot, and was glad that this time we got to hear the talk together. Then we spent the night watching Red with my family. What a great, simple night that I will treasure forever.

I love the little things.

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  1. The little things are the best - and he is one of my favorite speakers too!