Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Years

I am simply completely utterly in awe that I've been with this man for two years.

 Two years, one of which was a leap year. 731 days. And an eternity more. I simply can't wait. I can't wait to be his little wifey. To have children with him. To fight over the dishes. Then laugh hysterically at how silly we are. Go with him wherever it is life throws us. And then eventually buy a swinging bench to sit in while we hold each other's old wrinkly hands. I simply can't wait.

I never would have thought that the boy who sat behind me in trig would be my best friend. Or that he'd ask me on a first date, and DIDN'T ask me for a ride. (I got my license before all my other friends, including the boys.) Then a second. That he'd respect the fact I didn't want to see an R movie that he thought was hilarious on our third date. And that he'd pay for my ticket. GASP! Chivalry?

I never would have guessed that after the movie where we held sweaty hands, that he was going to walk me to my car. Then tell me how he felt about me. And make it official. So that only I held his hand. Only I got to kiss him. Only I knew all his secrets. Only I got to read his love letters and raps and poems to me. Only I get to be with him for forever.

I'm so grateful that things happened the way they did. That I met Sammy, and found my best friend and love of my life. 1/7/11 was the best day of life. Yay to many more anniversaries with him.

first picture we took together 

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