Saturday, January 19, 2013

Team Gomez

I'm a part of a team. It's a very small one of sorts, in that there's only three of us. I've been under the illusion that there's only two for awhile though, just Sammy and I. But there's another member, God. I've been pretty stressed out about this next week. Starting up school again and then busy work schedule as well. The first week always stinks the most. Plus with mother nature due to pay a visit, I'm pretty nervous for the week of nine hour days standing.

Sammy's been great at supporting me and calming me down. I know with his support I can do it. We keep saying Team Gomez to get us pumped because we are a team. Being the great teammate that he is, Sammy suggested I say some prayers tonight. At first I didn't want to, feeling a bit ashamed since I've forgotten to pray for so long.

And then I just realized it. Team Gomez is a three person team. And having God as a teammate is pretty comforting. All the comfort of just knowing Sammy has my back is multiplied infinitely. If the three of us are going to be a team, I need to talk to ALL my teammates. Even if I think they know what's going on doesn't mean I shouldn't talk to them. I also shouldn't talk just because I'm feeling ashamed, this is when I NEED to talk the most. Otherwise I'm setting myself up for failure.

This is going to be a crazy week, but Team Gomez will make it through.

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